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Default Canon Powershot S410, S500 or Sony DSC-T1 (pros and cons)

First off, I searched the forum and attempted to read other peoples posts, but most of the info was limited and pre-release for the actual product.

I have been researching the three cameras below and want to walk home with a winner, but I have some opinions on the negatives and wanted to get a response from those more experienced than I.

The pros about the canons that I like are that they are a little more for advanced users, fast response times for processing, and that they are highly recommended albeit more expensive.

The negatives I have noticed about the new canons are that the 410 seems to take better pictures and that both cameras have a subdued color appearance. It may just be my eyes but it seems like the colors are darker and more washed out.

In regards to the 410 vs. the 500, it seems that the 410 takes better pictures as I compared the photos from this website and the 410 had less noise and a more readable picture for the ones with text. Although, the 500 has the G5 guts, it appears to lose against its lower model in color and digital noise.

The Sony DSC-T1 has more vibrant colors, and is smaller, but I do not have any clear distinction on a purchase for this camera. I had a chance to demo it in a store, but I noticed that it does have a nice large LCD it has no viewfinder, nor a spot for a tripod. It takes excellent movies without time limits, and it has USB 2.0 and a cradle. But the special lens it boasts in internal compared to most digital cameras. What kind of sacrifices does this pose? Also, from what I have read is that they are very simplistic and limited in manual tuning.

However, It is been my assumption from other peoples written reviews and opinions that canon products are geared more towards the "technical user" as sony to the "weekend warrior".

Do I have this right and/or is there anything to add to help clarify my choice? I would appreciate any assistance regarding these 3 models.
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I purchased the T-1 about 3 weeks ago. Generally, I'm happy with it, as I was looking for a small camera I could easily carry in my pocket. Most others seems too thick for this purpose. I have not been disappointed, but of course I'd rather have shots from a high-end SLR.

The most significant shortcoming of the T-1 in IMO is the weak flash. It is rated good only out to about 5', where most small cameras are rated good to 10' to 12'. This requires some careful thought when depending on the flash for illumination.

The other thing to be careful of is the tendency to let your finger get in front of the lens. Since the lens is flush with the body, it's easy to forget it's there.

The large LCD screen is very nice, as is the pocketable size.

I intended to purchase two digital cameras, one like the T-1 for it's portability, and something like the Nikon D70 for more serious work. I used Nikon film cameras for 40 years and I'm more comfortable with a larger SLR if I don't need the small size. The T-1 was the first step in the process.
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The T1 has a smaller sensor size than the canon. With a smaller sensor and the same amount of megapixels you will get more noise.

Here is a link that explains it better than I can:


It all depends on what you are planning on doing with the camera!

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I agree with your choices of cameras but what about the Pentax s4i and the Casio Exilim EX-Z40? Are they any good? Sorry if i am adding more confusion but i am in the same boat!
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Well I have decided on the Canon S410, I could not determine a reason to get the S500 except it was faster and has the bragging rights of a 5mpixel. Photos appeared clearer and had less noise than the S500.

I disregarded the casio and the pentax, but after much consideration. Basically I didn't need cameras "that small" and although they were very fine products, I also went with the canon for the speed as my last camera was a pain with compression problems so this was a priority for my purchase. I am not a big photographer, so this camera will serve me as a primary since I do not need anything better than that. Though I do like enough manual settings to play around with. The Sony was more a point and click for simplistic use.

I am not a active photographer, but I had a nice Pentax SLR once and found that I had to plan "around it" than just throw it in the pocket for impromptu picture ops. Pocket size is convenient.

I disregarded the T1 because of its cost, its cost of memory, its lack o viewfinder, and its weak flash. Its a fine productt though. It does what its supposed to and does it well. Also that movie capability is stunning. Ive seen worse in video cameras.

Thanks for the help and responses.
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