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Macro seems fine, the blurriness seems only to happen on indoor shots /artificial lighting. Photos taken 4 - 6 feet away seem to pose the greatest amount of bluriness. Happens using a tripod as well. The colors just seem too grainy. At only 3 mp, one would think this would be sufficient?
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Could you post an example? This is the best way to tell you want is going on, because we can look at the EXIF data and see what settings were used.

indoor lighting is usually much lower than is actually needed for photography. The human eye can see fairly clearly and well in lower light than a camera can. My bet is that the shutter speed is too low (again.)

Yes, a tripod should help (and you said you used one) but that isn't the end-all be-all. If, for example, you took the shot while the refridgerator was going, the compressor will shake the floor making your shot slightly blury. You'd be surprised how many people test lenses (take pictures of test charts) in their kitchen, with the chart setup in the dining room. And the output doesn't look that good.

Although it doesn't sound like the problem, if you were shooting really closeup (a foot or two) you could be within the minimum focusing distance. Sam ewith macro, but the opposite. If the subject is too far away then it could be beyond the max focus range. Doesn't sound like this problem, but thought I'd mention it.

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