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camarosource Mar 29, 2004 1:38 AM

Kodak 6490 Camera - Where to buy a second battery??
It's been 3 months since I bought the camera and I have yet to find anyone who sells the kodak battery. Even Kodak themselve said when I called them that they don't have anyone who sells the battery.

How can they have a camera where you can't buy a second battery for it??

There are batteries by other makers that fit the camera and are made to work for the camera however they are LOWER powered ones.

camarosource Mar 29, 2004 1:39 AM

My Appologies, please move this to the Battery forum. Thanks.

thekaz Mar 29, 2004 8:19 AM

I got mine on

CastleDude Mar 29, 2004 8:28 AM

Here in the US a lot of places have them. lists the battery and some of them may ship to Canada. has some listed and some full power clones (search on kodak battery).

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