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Default World's simplest camera??

I need a little advice on buying a digital camera. My grandparents, God bless them, are the most technologically illiterate people I've ever met. They didn't know what the blinking light on their answering machine was or how to make it stop, if that helps anyone understand the level of illiteracy I'm talking about. However, they travel frequently and now have numerous grandchildren, so they've decided they'd like to get a digital camera and asked my advice on which one to get. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on which camera was the easiest to use and which was the least complicated. They don't need anything fancy, no bells and whitsles. Just a two or three megapixel camera with decent zoom that still produces great pictures. Any ideas???
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Default Re: World's simplest camera??

I think no matter how complicated somthing is, once you know it ur sorted. Jus needs som time & attention. If there as technilogicaly devolved as you say then to be honest it dosnt matter what camera they get cause it all goin to be a blur! I guess u'll jus have to take it easy with them. Remember Patients is a virtue

Im sure they'll b using a DSLR(& hopefully buying you 1 as a thank you) in no time!

One question, Will they be able to use a computer? to download & etc...

*cough* Minolta DiMAGE Xg *cough* (all tho the LCD is tiny! Not that im judging your grandparents eyesight)

Other than that these are handy little cams:

Minolta X20 Series
Canon Powershot Series
Casio QV-EX Series
Fuji FinePix 400 Series

To be honest i could go on for a while, think of any Maker & there will be a small & easy to use camera they produce. Its such a big market everybody wants a piece

What kinda Maker(s) do you prefer? Have look @ there entry(s) u'll proberly have abetter chance of showing them on a camera your ur ust to
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