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Default About this website

Iíve been around here and there, mostly poking around the forums, and sometimes reading up information on the main site. I am just curious though, are there any plans to redesign the site to handle the increasing level of information and categorization thereof? Most pages on this site have a gigantic list of items, be they cameras, links or something. For example, when I browse around and look at 3Meg cameras, I get a massive list of cameras from all brands with no brand sorting or filtering. Of course itís no big deal for someone to just do a word search from a browser, but I personally feel it would make for better site navigation. Perhaps even offer a side-by-side comparison of cameras to show people the hardware differences.

The site is really neat and offers a lot information, but some categorization in my opinion would do nicely =)
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You can do side-by-side comparisons by using our Buyer's Guide, compare and search by major features and then find the best prices for it.

And yes, we probably do need a site re-design but alas there is barely enough time to review the next 200 digicams before the next 300 digicams come out...

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