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Default Help needed with firmware Konica KD310z

Help I'm New here

How do I tranfer the firmware to my Konica KD 310z. I have read the instructions from the download, but it is broken English so don't quite follow it.
The part I don't quite follow is, they say to put the bin file onto the sd disk, is this into the root directory or the folder DCIM there is even another folder within this directory calledor 100Konic which one do I put the file into. I have tried all three but had no luck.

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It goes in the root directory.

First of all, make sure you're downloading the right firmware file (download the .bin file, not the .lzh file).

This is the download page:


You'll want the .bin file for the KD-310z (you'll see version 1.55A files at the bottom of the page).

As an alternative, here is the direct link to the firmware file:


You can also find the same firmware on the newer Konica-Minolta Japan site.

Here are the instructions:

1. Download the BIN ( KD-310Z.BIN) for Version 1.55A

2. Put the BIN-file on an EMPTY SD-card (format it with the camera first, then copy the .bin file to the root directory of the Card) -- then remove the camera from the USB connection, after making sure the copy is completely finished (wait a minute first, to make sure it's not still writing the file).

3. Power up your camera (open the lens cover).

4. When prompted "PUSH DEL KEY TO UPDATE" - press the DEL-key (trashcan).

5. After a while you are asked to turn the camera off (close the lens cover).

6. The new firmware is now installed and the BIN-file is automatically deleted from the SD-card.

Make SURE your battery is fully charged before you start the upgrade, and do not interrupt the update process (or you risk ruining the camera).

As always, perform any firmware upgrade at your own risk.

BTW, make sure you don't already have the latest firmware if you are following the above instructions.

To check the firmware version (only works on newer versions), Press Menu, then Select Setup (goes to setup menu choices), then press the Display button (middle button in upper left hand corner of camera back). You'll see the firmware version at the top of the display.
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Thanks Jim

Everything is working brilliantly all the settings are running much faster. No problems with loading direct into camera, worked first time. On the japanese site they said to load it onto the flash card via the card reader not the camera, the camera then wouldn't read the card. Doing it your way ( making sure the battery was full first) it loaded straight away.

Thanks again

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