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Default Consumer-range camera; Canon or another?

Some of you might remember me from the single thread I posted in the Newbie Help forum, one asking whether I should buy a Sony DSC-T1 or a larger camera, such as the A 80.
I have decided that it's not very feasible for me to spend so much on a camera that doesn't take the best photos a 5 MP machine can take, and have turned my attention to bigger cameras.
I'm currently trying to decide between two Canons; the A 80 and the S1 IS.
As far as I've seen, the A 80 is better in low-light situations; and the fact that it doesn't freeze the view-finder while autofocusing (must be annoying) sounds good..Plus, it has an AF-helper lamp..
The S1 has the Image Stabilisator (duh! :roll: ) which is a very cool feature, and it also has 10x zoom. And, well, it looks WAY better than the A 80.
OK, "looks" isn't exactly what I want in a digital camera (I've forgotten about the Sony already) but the A 80 looks a bit cheapish to me. It's not avery big issue, though..
So, what would you recommend me; get the S1 because its design is very good and it has image stabilisation and 10X zoom; OR the 5 MP A80 with better low-light performance?
Thanks in advance.
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Not sure why you would think the A80 has better low light performance. Steve said the S1 focuses well in limited light and the stabilization gives you at least two extra f stops of available light if the subject isn’t moving. I bought IS for the telephoto but it is just as handy in low light without a flash at wider angles. Freezing the viewfinder during autofocus would be a nuisance, but I don’t see where it has anything to do with low light performance.

If you want to blow up a great shot to hang on the wall 3Mp is really stingy. The 4Mp on my FZ10 and S4 are pretty much limited to 11 X 14 unless I want to accept some image degradation compared to my 5Mp camera. But for a 12X telephoto shot the 4Mp on the FZ10 will give me a better blow up than would cropping an 8Mp image from an A2. The S1 will give you more pixels in a 10X shot than cropping an A80 shot. But if you get a great wide angle shot the A80 will make a good 13 X 19 where the S1 won’t.

If how the camera looks is a consideration, we think so differently about cameras that my input probably wouldn’t be of much value to you. I wouldn’t even mind being seen with a Sony 717 if it had the features I needed.
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Thank you, Slipe.
First, I'd like to apologise for the confusion..I tried to list two different weaknessesof the S1, the"freezing" of the viewfinder being one of them, and the low-light performance the other..
I think the biggest image I would print would be on A4 paper..So 3,2 Megapixels wouldn't hurt much..
Thing is; I'm not buying the S1 as a specialist telephoto long-range camera; I'm going to use it as an all-around, general purpose camera. If you (or anyone else) thinks it's not a good idea to do this, please tell me; because I read in a review (I'm very sorry, I cannot recall where) that the S1 was more of an architecture / wildlife photographing camera than a general purpose cam like the A 80.
If you think this belongs to the Canon forums, please tell me (or, of course, a moderator / admin may move it freely).
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