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Default A camera for me and my "better half": striking the


I don't know how this happened, but suddenly my loved one brought up the subject of getting a digital camera. The thing is: it will be used by both of us, and we have different desires.

She wants: a simple "point-and-click", good for taking pictures indoors and outdoors.

I want: a camera with the ability to use manual settings, since I primarily will be using the camera in low light conditions.

If it was up to me, I would get something like an Powershot A80 or G3/G5, but she feels they have "waaaaay to many buttons". Also, the Olympus C-5060Z looks interesting. I'm open to other suggestions as well.

Of course, it doesn't help that I'm a newbie as well. I will have to learn everything from the ground up. And having a camera that makes it hard to take good pictures will not be the right way to go for either of us.

So, is there a camera that will more or less suit our needs:

- easy to pick up and use
- the ability to take good pictures in low light conditions
- I prefer buttons for manual settings, I know having to navigate a cumbersome menu system to change ISO will annoy me
- budget: up to $500-550

It's not a lot to go on, I know, but I feel like I have to take advantage of this sudden change of character with my girlfriend

OK, thanks for taking the time to read through this post.

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I would recommend the Olympus C5050. This camera has a dial mode that will provide you with the following settings:

Program AE, Aperture priority, Shutter priority, Manual, My Mode, Movie, Night Scene, Landscape, Landscape+Portrait, Sports, Portrait

The F1.8 lens is great for low light conditions along with the focus assist lamp. The auto mode will allow your wife to snap pictures without worrying about settings. Read Steve's review of the camera.
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the G3/G5's have a lot of buttons.....but you only use the shutter button and the zoom when shooting auto and the arrows and delete/enter buttons when looking at them....

i think the G-series is good both ways.
i have a G2......which the higher ISO's do create a lot of noise, but i think the G3 or G5 will be better in that catagory......

i think you should try to convince your wife to go for the G3 or G5......but that is my personal opinion

simple isn't always better
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Default Re: A camera for me and my "better half": striking

Originally Posted by patashnik
... the ability to take good pictures in low light conditions...
As gibsonpd3620 said, a fast lens and focus assist will help with low light. Flash is another way. IMHO, all built in flash units are junk - they are close to the lens (red-eye), low power and slow recharge (use the same battery as the camera), and small (glare). Some are worse than others, the pop-up ones are likely to be the best of a bad lot because they are further from the lens, but an external flash is much better. I think all the comsumer digcams that allow an external flash also have a built-in one so both you and her will be happy with external flash capability.

Image stabilization will also help in some low light siturations, but that is likely to be out of your price range.
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My wife finds my G2 to be very easy to use, it was bought because she couldn't figure out my Nikon 950 and it only had 4 buttons! But it wasn't readily apparent how to use the camera.

IMHO go with a camera that has an external flash option, a good flash is the easiest way to improve your pictures.

Narrow down your choices and go to a good store and the both of you try them out. Just because there's a wealth of buttons doesn't mean that the camera's hard to use, it's dependent on the ergonomics and how intuitive the camera is.
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Well I'm going to toss out the Kodak 6490 as a contender .. Price fits and it has a simple rotary switch that lights up green for full auto mode or white when all the other buttons become active and you get all four auto modes (not overwhelming at all).

It has a great zoom (10x range) and the camera dock is easier to find than a separate charger and USB cable.

The built in flash is pretty good by itself but you can add an external flash pretty easily (it's one big shortcomming is it does not have a hot shoe but a bracket can be used and it gives you better stability for the long zoom).
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