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Default Nikon Coolpix 8700 or Sony DSC-F828


I want to buy a 8MP digital camera.
I've read the reviews and they are both good.
The Sony weights a lot, but the lens is great.
So I don't know which one to choose.
Anyone who has tested and compared those two?


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How about the Minolta A2?
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i went through this same problem just a bit ago. I was sold on the Nikon 8700 until i went to the store to actualy hold them. I like the feel of the sony. On paper yes its heavier then the 8700, but when your holding them side by side, the sony just felt better.

Both lense's are amazing. You cannot mess with a Nikon lens. Carl Zeiss too.

Well anyways i chose the f828 because i am a sony freak, and also because i liked the feel of it. I probably should of went for the Canon 300d or the Nikon D70 but oh well. I love my sony and wouldnt trade it in.
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Default Nikon 8700 pictures just seemed better

I took A compact flash card to best buy and did some pictures with their Nikon 8700 and then went over to circuit city and took some pictures with their sony 828 on a diffrent card. when I printed the pictures thay were both very good pictures
When I really did 13 X 19 pictures on My 1280 epson printer the Nikon pictures were snappy and crisp and the color held up just perfect. The Sony looked OK and probably would have been fine if I did not compare the results from the two cameras. The pictures were just not as good when compared. I had some neighbors and friends pick out the pictures they thought were better and everyone went for the Nikon pictures.
I purchased the 8700 and went to My local camera store and got the MB-E5700 battery holder for the nikon. It adds A shutter button and a rocker switch for the zoom when shooting verticals and makes the Camera feel very good in Your hands. Kind of like A 35MM but without the bulk or the weight. It also lets the camera function with AA rechargable batterys. Also good if You need to use regular AA's in A pinch.
I bought the battery pack from My local dealer but they are a little less expensive on E-Bay. I paid $149.95 for Mine.
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