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I almost never use my LCD. I will sometimes do a quick review thru the EVF to delete the painfully obvious bad shots. It's easier to see with my older eyes and has a diopter adjustment. Otherwise I wait till the end of the day and if I am on vacation, I plug into the TV in the room and review my pictures that way. Then I can see whats worth keeping and whats not. The only normal use I see for the LCD is menues, although my 5700 can do those in the EVF.
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I mostly shoot plants from soil level, so a swivel LCD is a must for me.

I'm eyeing up the Canon Pro1, but am alarmed at the 'dust' problem some users are experiencing.

Also, with a wide angle lens attached, I can't see enough of the shot unless I use the LCD. Shot (photographed!) some ducks waddling through my gardens this morning and used the viewfinder. Only managed to get their feet in the shot. (^J^)
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cant understand what the fuss is about, the beauty of the LCD screen is why I got a digital camera in the first place. The fact that you can view your shots straight away and delete the obvious crappy photos is why digital cameras have taken off in such a big way. My attitude is why wait until you down load later to delete rubbish, it also gives you more space for more photos rather than changing over the cards.
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My view is this. I always review the picture after I take it to make sure framing and exposure are fine and to see if there was camera shake and all the obvious things. I never delete while shooting because I believe that the good opportunity will come while I am busy deleting. Since I do this mostly for fun and my camera is mostly automatic, I have to shoot a lot to get many good pictures.

The LCD is a gift from heaven because I can immediately know if the picture is not good enough so that I can try again before the opportunity goes away and then try again, and then some more until I get what I want. :lol: And even then I seldom delete the not so good ones because later they might not be so bad after looking at them in a 15-inch monitor vs a 2 inch LCD screen.
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