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could you possibly tell me the reasoning as to why you think the camera would be best? Which features and functions do you think raise it above the sony?

And why would you place the sony lowest?

I confess, my sights have no firmly moved onto the A2, but i'm keen to find more reasons. I'm not content with being so easily swayed

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The swedish Internet store http://www.cyberphoto.se/ have the following judgements on the difference 8mp cameras out there:

"It's very even between the first three cameras"
1. Canon PowerShot Pro1: Best details.
2. Konica Minolta A2: Imagestabilizer.
3. Olympus Camedia C-8080: Less noise.
4. Nikon CoolPix 8700: A little slow.
5. Sony DSC-F828: Huge problems with CA and noise.

The question is probably more like WHY you would go with the sony.
I suppose it's the picture quality of the Canon or the antishake of the Minolta which you have to choose from. Good luck
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As you can see, Lomedome, the opinions offered are as varied as the people making them. So I may as well throw in my 2 cents (pence??).
I currently have the Sony 828 and am very happy with it. There is a lot I like about it including it's build quality, sharp and fast lens, fast and accurate focusing and general handling characteristics. I definately don't like the fact that there is no buffer allowing you to shoot more than 1 frame in the raw mode. A serious oversight. It feels most like an SLR to me than most other digicams and I like that because that is what I'm used to.
I bought the 828 before the other 8 megapixel digicams came out. would I choose it again over the other digicams mentioned.....yes, except for possibly the Minolta. Even though I have serious issues with Minolta I would have to give the A2 serious consideration. It's image quality is comparable to the Sony (from what I've seen on the web) and it's feature set is far beyond the Sony and it has a large enough buffer allowing you to shoot more than 1 frame in raw mode. Plus from my past experience the Minolta viewing software is far superior to Sony's. The software comparison is a non-issue if you use Adobe Photoshop CS as it has a built in raw plugin. However since I don't even have Win xp yet I can't use it. I currently use Photoshop 7 but the raw plugin for that version I feel is too expensive as are most all Adobe products. I would consider Paintshop Pro if it had a raw plugin for the Sony. I hope this helps. Whatever you decide, go to a camera store and "Testdrive" the various cameras you are considering and don't
make your decision only on what you read here.
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