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Default photo printing

Photo Print cameras

I would like help trying to determine which digital camera
would be best for taking photos on a sail boat and printing them while under sail. Kodax and Canon have Photo Print cameras with docking stations. Can anyone provide advice? Would like to print dozens every day onto postcards and sail to visitors.
Any thoughts?
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Water is very bad for a digital camera. I don't know of any water proof digital cameras, but I bet they exist. If you don't like any of those, there are special water proof housings that would help.

I have never used something like what you are asking for, so I can't help pick one over another. Something to consider is how long the printouts will last. Photos last a really long time, but the vast majority of printers only produce prints that last a few years (unless you are lucky.) Its only been recently that more models have come out that can last longer. Epson was the best at this for a good while, but I think Canon and HP have finally caught up. Usually the longer lasting prints will have less color contrast... its a tradeoff for the permanance in the inks.

I hate to say this, but you might want to have a laptop as well. That way you can download to the computer, do some quick editing and print to a higher quality, archive quality printer. I know if I would be disappointed if I discovered my print fading in a year. You want this to be an advertising thing and for them to have it for years to come.

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You might want to consider a Canon camera and either the CP-200 or the CP-300 dye sub printers. By the way, on the back of the paper for the Canon dye sub printer, it has a postcard format already printed on it.

I really like mine.

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I totally agree with August about the Canon CP200.

You can get a battery adaptor for the CP200 as well, so you can directly use it with your house battery bank if you don't happen to have an inverter or genset. Also, the CP200 is really quite small--no matter how big a sail boat is, storage space is always in short supply.

I don't know of any photo printer that is built capable of surviving the marine environment; so don't bother worrying about it. The CP200 is about the price of a winch handle--my crew manages to deep six at least one per season--so you can think of the printer as a throw-away item if (when) it does succomb to the ravages of the salt air.
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