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Default How to take Concert pictures

What settings (using Canon S50) do you recommend having for taking a concert picture? The environment will be dark and light on the center stage.

And what settings would be best to take pictures of people in a not-well-lit room? The room light is not bright but somewhat dark.
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Chances are, you will not be satisified with the quality of the photos from your camera in concert lighting.

For best results, you'll need a camera capable of shooting at high ISO speeds (800+) with a very bright (lower F-Stop rating) lens.

Your models maximum ISO speed is 400 (you can set this manually). In low light, you may find that the noise levels are very unacceptable at this ISO speed. Even using ISO 400, chances are, this will not be fast enough to prevent blur from subject movement/camera shake in most concert lighting conditions (or underexposed photos if shutter speeds are fast enough).

You will also probably need to shoot at full wide angle to help some (almost 3 times as much light can reach the sensor at wide angle, versus full zoom with your model)

Basically, a DSLR (Digital SLR) with a bright (larger aperture/lower F-Stop rating) lens is the best way to go for low light photos. These cameras can shoot at much higher ISO speeds with low noise. A compact Digital camera with a slow lens and tiny CCD sensor is simply not a good choice for indoor photos in existing light.

What is bright to the human eye, is not to a compact model camera's lens.

You'll probably end up with multiple problems (higher noise with loss of detail if ISO speed is increased to 400, blur from camera shake/subject movement, and/or underexposed photos).
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Another thing to consider is getting permission. At most concerts, photography and videography are prohibited.
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Hate to say it- but Flash- flash - flash : only way with a consumer digicam. Front row even makes it hard- most digicams have some 10ft range with their flash so it's almost impossible. High ISOs are usually so grainy they aren't very good shots.

Some examples of Perry Farrel and Dave Navarro (too bad not with wife Carmen Electra) of Jane's Addiction. The show was advertised as cameras welcome- bootleg audio if you like- no video cameras for some reason. We were also so close to the stage we were doing shots with them.

Ooops too far away- flash illuminated the reflective stuff on his shoes:

Ok- leaning over me so much he's sweating on me:

Not to bad- too far away- but just happened to hit just as some stage lighting flashed right on them:

ANything I've ever shot further back has been pretty blurry even as 400ISO and if they're a very active band you're in trouble- take lots of shots though- sometimes you can get a cool shot even if it's not super clear or clean. Occasionally those super bright lights hit them just right- watch for those white strobes over the colored spots and shoot continuous mode.
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well, i would say stick to manual mode... select a shutter speed and aperature that works.. lower shutter speads + lower ISO might equal camera shake, so you might have to take a BUNCH of pictures and just wait for some of them to turn out..

here is a random gallery of a concert i took, 200mm, almost all around 1/60th of a second, handheld.


might wanna think about bringing a tripod, could help a lot.
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Wish I knew how to mess around with the setting.
So far, I been using Auto on concerts. I've tried Night setting and the pic came out very cool, as to ....hard to describe.
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