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>>> I honestly dont know the answer to the question. <<<

I did not figure you would, but it is something to puzzle over and you might have the opertunity (that I do not) to drop it on someone that has more expertise on the subject.

>>> I mean Digiscoping seems to be a relitively ... <<<

If you have some time to kill take a look at my Website sometime. Nothing fancy but it does give some basic examples of digiscopeing and links to more technical sites.


Saw the piece on Phillips fluid lens some weeks ago. It is interesting and made lead to something in the future. Only time will tell.
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That Website on Fluid lenses is Freakin AWSOME...... what a GREAT idea...... it probally works alot better (and is more stable then)
Jell-o Jigglers Lenses (hah....) ..... But seriously that is a great Idea...

and mrkys....online dictionaries are based off of abbridged college versions... lots of different definitions for lots of different words exist...but.... By your claim I guess I called you the "Blooming of ignorence" which seems to me nothing more then a poetic version of "pinnicle of ignorence".

I don't care anymore.... I sincerly apoligize for poking fun at your comment about using RAW image formats to take baby pictures, and Having a digital SLR and abunch of other cameras, I am sorry I called you a tourist basically claming that you were a technology whore. and I am sorry I questioned your knowledge of physics and electrical engineering.

What ever you are and what ever you do.... I dont care.......from this point on you are in a sort of PERMA Ignor in my book unless you have something constructive to say.....which is seeming less and less likley.
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Now i realize this thread is days old and dead but I ran across this site where a guy graphed a web cam to the back of an old Pentax SLR (he has built 5 of 'em).

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