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Default Help! I changed my mind!

The prosumer camera's i tested just were no where near what i was hoping or expecting. The sony f828 had a good feel but not the quality, and the minolta A2 i couldn't even hold in my hand comfortably.

It has now come down to the digital rebel, or the nikon d70. I am swayed toward the d70.

What does anyone think of these in relation to the Minolta A2 and Sony f828? WIth regard to features and the like.

I have explained my usage of the camera in a thread lower down entitled 'how much for the money'


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I stand by my Pentax *istD! My mom really likes her Fuji S7000. Good luck in making your decision!
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Real world 300D:

+ Nearly no noise at all ISO up to 1600.
+ Good out-of-box pictures.
+ Canon lens lineup including "L" glass.
+ Available Battery Grip.
+ Small, lightweight.
+ Price point.

- Lack of custom functions.
- Plastic Body.
- Lack of control over advanced settings.


+ Build Quality.
+ Advanced Setting Control.
+ Speed (fps & startup time).
+ Metering/Exposure Controls
+ Kit lense quality.

- ISO 200 minimum.
- Noise.
- Many cameras seem to have back focus issues.
- Kit price.
- Moire issues.
- No portrait/battery grip option currently.
- Underexposure issues.

Personally I think that the D70 is the better camera in every aspect with one exception -> Image Quality. This can be addressed by post processing and better familiarity with the cameras "personality". But I honestly have looked at hundreds of "beginner", "amateur", "enthusiast" and "pro" sample images and still prefer the images of the 300D.

For me it comes down to personal preference in the images and color saturation of the 300D. My eye is drawn to the silky smooth quality the 300D produces and the appeal of using Canon lenses.

By all means the D70 is a serious contender and is an incredible bargain for the price. I just think its still a little immature in development currently. Certainly if Nikon releases a firmware update to address the known issues it will be a camera in a class of its own with a price point of under 1K ... until then I'll keep clicking with the canon and saving for the next great toy.
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