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Default Convert Raw to Tif within the camera--any advantage?

I have an 8700 and it allows You to shoot a RAW file and then You can convert it into A Hi-Tif file in the camera. Does anyone know of any advantage to doing this.? Does the camera add to the file ? I sure would like to know what the advantage would be. Why not shoot in the Hi format instead of the RAW format in the first place? Is it going to be diffrent then shooting in the RAW format and converting it in the camera or the same as shooting it in the Hi format in the first place?
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I'm not sure but check your file sizes.

I'm on the road travelling again so I can't check but I think my RAW files are about 6-7meg in size, a Hi-Tiff is about 16meg, and a Hi-Jpg is about 3meg.

This is from a 6mp camera.
Tiff seem to be the worst for huge size CF card eating ability

But again I can't check for a few days, so take a look in your manual it should give a table of file sizes.
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I cant see any advantage in doing that. The only one might be if you need to convert to a Tiff to get a print when you dont have a PC handy to do the RAW -> Tiff or jpeg conversion.
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I'd recomend that you stay in RAW for the flexibility of post processing. You can then produce TIFFs if required.

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