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Default Do I *need* 3MP?

Hi there

I'm looking to get a digital camera. I want it to be flexible, yet easy to use (my gf is sceptical at best - want to convince her that film is on the way out).

I looked at the Sony P71 which produces good quality shots and is easy to use. But I really like the look of the Canon Powershot A40, as it looks pretty easy to use (in auto), but has lots of options (like additional lenses, long shutter speeds, lots of manual controls).

I really want the flexibility (especially if my interest in photography grows to beyond holiday snaps), so the Canon is edging it.

But the Sony is 3MP, the Canon is 2MP. I know about the Canon S30 but it's too expensive.

What I'd love is a 3MP version of the A40. Oh well.

Getting to the point, is 2MP OK?

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Megepixcel is more of a size thing than quality. lots of great 2 meg cams out there,
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Look out for the Olympus C-2100, a 2.1 mp Camera with high quality images
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some of the very basic thing for you toconsider: if most of the pictures you print from your digicam no larger than size 5 x 7, then all you need is the 2 megapix digicam, for 8 x 10 you will need the 3 megapix and for 11 x 14, 5 or 6 mega pix digicam should come in handy. Of course, in each of those ranges, there are always several excellence digicams to choose from...cheers
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you'll convince her when we get up around 25mp. then there will be only one type of "film". remember real film has varying characteristics kodachrome, ektachrome, fujieach have their own personalities. you will have one "film" and need to modify it in the mix(photoshop).

it was like when the digital synths came out. everybody in music got one and then clamored to get samples of the old analog synth sounds. every body liked the fat Moog sound. lots of money was made in sample software. i feel it coming to digital cameras too.
"i would like the fujicolor look on my shots please."

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sony dsc-p7 is one great one.. not olympus... nikon 2000 and sony dsc-p51 r great
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Film is on the way out--digital is easier. And cheaper in the long run.

At the moment, it is still cutting edge. To me, that means erring on the side of OVERbuying, not underbuying.

The question of what you need ultimately depends on what you would use if for. To make small, good quality pix that you'd attach to email, 2-3 mps are fine. To print out 11x 14 high quality prints--it's not close to enough.

I personally would spend as much as you could afford, and get as much as your money will buy--it will give you flexibility. What often happens is that people buy something, find they like it, find other uses, and then regret the purchase because it lacks the features they want. So, you spend an extra $50 now to avoid being disappointed at wasting $200.....If you can afford it, buy UP.

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