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bbusse Sep 6, 2002 10:41 AM

I've had a Coolpix 995 for 8 months now. Several months back, I started noticing artifacts appear in the pictures. They look as if they may be a coagulation of pixels, resulting in dark or light spots. I returned the camera to Nikon twice, both times they did not verify the problem.

I've tested multiple memory cards and all possible modes of operation, and the problem persists. It is an intermittant problem that occurs with varying severity and represents about 80% of the pictures taken.

The artifacts appear in the camera's LCD, as well as downloaded pictures to the PC. Recently I tried downloading to various PCs and opening with various programs, and found that a given picture exhibits different artifacts in different programs. It really renders the camera useless. This baffles me. Any ideas?

Brooks Sep 7, 2002 8:37 PM

What type of artifacts? I have heard on this site that if you don't format the cards, and just delete the photos in the camera you are just writing over existing files. Some times this can cause errors and corruption of the picture files. I personaly format the card every time I get all my pics off and I will even format it with the computer (this does not work with all cameras, try a small card you wont miss) and run a disk check program on it.

What you might do is post one of the photos for a sample...

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