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digital is a 2 bladed sword. it has all that instantanous quality yet there are a few shortfalls at least for me.

i own a nikon F5, a Canon 1Ds, and Olympus 1, 3. and 4T.

1Ds- outstanding digital camera for about 60% of my shooting. high speed is not its forte. it produces a quality image at most of its iso range with a little massaging at times. currently my most used camera. drawbacks- weight.it stinks in winter. can't use it for any great length of time in th cold w/o alternate power sources(a mod already done). temp and time limited for outdoor trips reqs too much support gear for extended use. i like to carry more then a change of underware in that 30-40 lbs of junk in the pack.

F5- outstanding HS Film camera. built like a tank and weighs like one. does as good a job as the 1Ds within the limits of the Film itself. runs nearly into the same issues due to batteries and cold. not nearly as time limited. batteries last over 1000 shots. batteries real easy to get AA type all 8 of them. external battery pack needed for extreme cold weather.

Oly OM 1 or OM 3- pure mechanical cameras except for the meters. will operate in just about any condition the photographer can stand( i have used my OM 1 shooting out in -42F for limited times on Mt Washington, NH in Feb. temp limited by the meter and internal battery. who needs the stinking internal meter. just whip out the hand held meter keeping warm under the coat read, set, shoot and shoot again bracket bracket bracket. limits the film again. static on the film in cold and dry. film tearing is a possibility if extreme cold soaked. wind film slow manually. no lenses available anymore no support. closest replacement nikon FM3A which islimited by electronic shutter and isbattery powered.

each technology has its great points and its limits for our chosen uses and conditions.
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