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I think you need to consider of what you're already had, if you have a subtantial collections of Canon EF lenses, then you would go with the Canon. The Contax is an excellent camera, but Carl Zeiss lenses are very expensive, and some of the fast lenses in their collections may cost more and sometimes twice or triple the cost of the camera. If you're a a good photographer, the Canon have all of the bells and whitsles for you to take any kind of pictures, the same apply to the Contax but at the end, you may not see a whole lot of differents in the results...cheers

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Default Contax N-Digital vs. Canon D60 et al.

...back to the original question Contax N Digital vs. Canon D60.

I do not think that there is something then a perfect dogital camera body for everybody. Digital is still very new similar like film cameras 30 years ago. You can still ecpect many changes.

At this time you should not think about your investments in the past. You shoul think about what will be the best system in the fetaure, depending on your usage.

There will be a time, when every digital camear body will have the same specs, as it is now with film camera the case.

The decision then goes in direction of lens quality, handling, lens choice and your working habit.

If you want to have detailed information about the Contax N-Digital with pictures and user experience, you have to go to:


in the forum there you find everything you need to know about Contax products. It is not part of Contax, it is an independant platform with real Contax users.

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Current generation dSLRs are all on the verge of obsolecence. The Contax aside, the rest use too small chips and Contax uses an outdated chip.

Rumors of new full frame dSLRs at Pkina abound and Sigma has anounced they wWILL ship next month.
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Default Not Obsolete Quite Yet....

Canon will introduce the 1Ds, an 11 megapixel full frame CMOS sensor built on the 1D frame with all the professional features such as 90 "O" ring weather seals, magnesium body, etc.

Kodak will introduce a 14 megapixel full frame CMOS sensor camera with lower end Nikon "guts" and a Kodak built housing.

There will be nothing to replace the EOS-1D and really nothing to replace the Canon D60, Fuji S2, Nikon D100, etc.

The full frame Contax 6 megapixel will be available and Sigma will finally have their Foveon powered unit available, but it will have a 1.7x crop factor.

Only those who shoot studio, weddings, Landscape photos, etc., really care about the full frame. Sports shooters love the crop factor and really don't miss having to use the heavier, larger lenses to do what they can do with smaller glass, so the crop factor is probably here to stay. If it's not broke - don't fix it....

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I thought the Foveon was to be full frame?
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What do you know about the Kodak?


As You know I do n0t agree wiht you about studio vs other. Though, the more i think ab9out it, I perosnally would prefer to se see new lenses for a coopix size camera with interchangeable lenses than a too-large dSLR! For the latter, I would like to see something more like the Rollie dLR I posted here recently.

Two issues I have wiht the Foveon...

1. overlyin pixels at 3.1 mpix.

I am not ocnvinced that this is equivalent to a 9 mpix chip. Even thought he 9mpix Bayer chip is 3 color, each element does give spacial information that should imporve resolution.

2. Overlyong pixels at all.

The issue of detector thickness is of concern in any solid state (as oposed to film) device. I wonder if the Foveon is not too thick?

I guess use tests will tell!
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