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newbuyer Jun 11, 2004 7:14 PM

I am planning to buy an Olympus digital camera and I want to use it on a 3-week trip. So, I've decided to buy something like the Apacer Disc Steno CP-200. Do you think this is agood solutionfor a trip?

To use the Apacer Disc Steno with the Olympus xD cards, I will apparently need an adapter. So, I was looking into this and read the following:

[*]Please Note: Do not format an xD card while in the xD Compact Flash Adapter. xD cards should only be formatted in a digital camera with a built-in xD media slot. My understanding of how the Disc Steno works is that it will copy the photos and then erase/format the card. So, will this be a problem if you are not supposed to format the xD card when it is in the adapter.

Is the need for an adapter a valid reason for considering another camera brand, such as Nikon? I had decided to pick one good brand and limit myself to choosing within it because I am somewhat overwhelmed even with this much choice:?. Perhaps I should reconsider and look into other brands...?[/*]

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