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I finally made the plunge & purchased my 1st dig. cam. = Fuji A210, I figured being my first cam, I should start off with baby steps. Now I'm on to the confusion over the software. I think I'm missing something on how this all works! I thought one aspect of the dig. cam was to be able to make your own prints, yet I read continually how ppl are burning cd's, memory sticks etc. to take to the photoshop & have printed. So before I load the software that came with my camera onto my computer.......I have a few questions......

1) Once connected with the camera, can a person just go in and transfer the files from the camera to the pc. Since the camera is acting like a drive, wouldn't this be like moving files from one location to another on ones computer?

2) The manual states DO NOT HOOK THE CAMERA TO THE PC UNTIL THE SOFTWARE HAS BEEN LOADED. Is this just aploy on their part to get their software on your pc? Why can I not just use the photo sotware that came on my computer ( HP Photoshop)

3) Once the pics are loaded on pc, are they just like other pictures I already have on my pc, jpeg. ?

4) Will I have the ability to move the files around to different folders or will they have to stay in a "fuji folder"?

5) Will the pics act as other pics I already have in that all you have to do is click on them and they open or will they have to opened only in a fuji viewing window?

6) If 4 or 5 is true, then I do not understand how a person emails pics to another person, if the other person does not have fuji software to view the pics.

7) The manual also stated that pics are stored (I guess on the camera) in PDOF (?) format.........ummmmm.....PDOF would be.........what??

I would like to Thank anyone in advance for any help they can provide, these boards have been very educational in my quest to become a master digi cam user.


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Most current cameras show as a "removable drive" in Windows Explorer. If it does you can just transfer the images directly from the drive to a folder.

If you have XP the camera will usually be loaded by Windows and you don't need the software at all. Unless it is some non-standard camera that requires their software.

With other operating systems you usually need the software because it loads drivers needed for the camera/computer interface. Even then you can usually bypass the proprietary software.

If you download them as JPGs directly from the camera they are the same as any other JPG.

Once they are in a normal folder as JPGs you can have them open in any viewer you choose.

If the Fuji software stores them internally in some proprietary format I would avoid uploading with the software if possible. Maybe someone with your specific camera can tell you whether it shows up as a drive and whether XP will load it so you don't need the software at all.

If you can't find someone with that particular camera I think your best bet is to follow the instructions. If it shows up as a drive you are home free and never have to fool with the Fuji software. If you can only upload through the Fuji software I would ask how people handle the files.

PDOF just means it conforms to a Design rule for Camera File system compliant / DPOF-compatible. The images are listed as JPEG with EXIF 2.2 – pretty standard.

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One thing I would reccomend:

2. Do what the manual says. I had a camera I let WinXP load drivers for by accident (I had reformatted my HD and forgot to reinstall) and everytime I hooked my camera up it got labeled Unknown generic portable storage device and it came up unreadable. Had to unload and reload all the drivers and software over again.
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I think that would be the exception rather than the rule. I have two digital cameras, a Minolta S414, and a Nikon D100. Both come with their own proprietary software. The Minolta Dimage software is of minimal use to the serious photographer. The NikonView software is a total waste. The Nikon also loads a special driver that thinks it owns the card reader.

Since I use the card reader for both cameras, I don't want it automatically loading the Nikon software. Consequently, I have removed the Nikon software and use only the driver file that came with the card reader to download from the CF card. This is on a WIN98SE machine, however I have done the same thing on my wife's laptop running WinXP Home and it works fine. On both computers, in Explorer, the card reader appears as a removable drive and is assigned a drive letter.

At work, on a WIN2K machine, I download from the Minolta to the computer using the USB cable that came with the camera. Once again, the camera appears as a removeable drive with a letter. I didn't have to load anything to make it work.
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Boy oh boy...........you guys are gonna make me an expert at this before its all said and done.....

Well, I plugged up the camera without installing cd, and it worked just like you said....the pc (WinME) auto updated itself the acknowledged the camera as a driver. I went in, plucked out my pic's and moved them to another folder! One observation though.....I have to close the drive(cam) from the taskbar before removing (shutting the camera off) or I will get a message stating that I just caused my computer to crash and lose data.....(it didn't crash though) I assume though that a normal pc user would have known to do this.

Anyhow, I just wanted to say Thanks once again, and update you on my results...
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Dang calr the only camera I've had that wasn't ok with the Windows plug-n-play drivers was my Minolta S404. I guess just a freak accident. Took me 3 days to remove all the drivers so it would reinstall correctly though.
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