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Default plastic or glass

Yesterday I went into a Ritz Camera looking at lenses for my Nikon D-100. I was looking at Nikon Lenses when the salesperson showed me a Sigma, same equivlant lens but with a Macro setting, and it had all glass elements and was made in Japan. He told me the Nikon was all plastic and was made in China. So my questions are:
Plastic or Glass?
How are Sigma lenses compared to Nikon?
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first go to the web sights and read up on each lens your looking at
call each of the companies if you feel the info is not correct. and you want to know the facts.
it is true that some lens makers are using plastic inner optical elements and have for some time.

i can tell you that nikon does manufacture in about 5 different asian countries today.

sigma does mfgr in japan.

i have had experiences with both their products. quality of manufacture does vary with price on sigma. i like their EX lenses and use them 28-70 f2.8 and an older 70-210 f2.8. both are very good in my opinion. i had a macro which was mediocre. nikon has had their share of paperweights too.
which models are you looking at?

don't forget that a lens with all different features has to give and take from somewhere.

will they let you buy both shoot with them for a few days and see the results for comparison then decide and return one. since its digital shoot in the shop and around just outside the shop take the card put it up on the computer and see which you like better.

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At some specialized store , you can also rent lens and/or bodies in a day basis . It's not cheap, but a good way to try I think.
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Given the loss of quality in the D1200 because it does not use the full frame, I would expect little or no detectable differecne between a Sigma nd a Nikon lens.

However, opticla quality is not all .. also consider fit and finish, how well lens works mechanicaly.
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