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Default Copyrights?

Just wondering who here has done it.. why.why not I have done some reading on this and it seems pretty cheap to do so. (about 30$ for a one time submission) not sure if thats normal fee's or?
any thoughts on this issue?
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you have the (c) copyright as soon as you take the picture. you control its usage.

you are the sole owner of that image. no one can use that image without your expressed permission.

if you publish it or transfer full or limited rights then you assign copyright. then the forms begin for control of the image.
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Default Pics and copyright

Copyright occurs automatically when both of two conditions are satisfied:

the creation of an original work


"fixation of that work in any tangible medium of expression."

The defense of a copyright picture will always be in the hands of the judicial system.
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In Canada the rule is that registering your work is public notice of the copyright. It gives you a stronger case if someone infringes your copyright, essentially you have proof that you have the ownership of a copyrighted work.

I believe that the system in the US is fairly close - there is a multinational Copyright Convention, the original body of law dates back to the 1700's.

Then any court action would depend on if the work was used without permission or used in violation of the general copyright rules. For example - I don't violate copyright if I photo copy a page from a book - I do violate copyright if I copy every page.

Why should you register your copyright?

It depends on the work and where it is going to be published. Certainly the internet makes it easier to copy works and reuse them. Registering you work would help you if you were to take a violator to court. I'm going out on a limb but I believe that the holder of the copyright has to take the person to court. So if you're not prepared to enforce your copyright - don't spend the dough registering it.

What you can do is imbed a digital watermark in an image - then if you did have to prove ownership you could point to it. Or if you're shooting film then scanning it in keep the negative.

hope this helps...
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