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Originally Posted by Lin Evans
[quoteThe moment someone markets a camera with say a 28 x 100mm lens with the ability to add on to about 250mm with 3MP available, will sell more cameras than they can make ..... i guarantee it.]
I suspect that already exists with the Minolta 7hi, etc... The native is 28-200 and you can add a telephoto 1.7x or so....


Well 2 things ... the camera is far too big ... i am talking a max size of say the Olympus C-730 or the Fuji 3800 for starters.

PLUS .. i refuse to touch a Minolta anything .... both mine and my girlfriends Minolta (differnt models) had the lens get stuck at full extension and it REFUSES to go back in. To top it off they refuse to fix this under warranty.
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Steve did a review on a hp 720 saying that it did a good job for a wide angle lens, it has a zoom as low as 34mm (35mm equivalent). The information is in his conclusion and you will find it at the following link, this particular quote that I am referring to is towards the bottom of the page.


This camera would be very close to your price consideration, I would think you could find one of these for sub $300!

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