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Default DSLR's Questions

I have been an armature film photographer for many years, using Olympus OM equipment. I have recently been looking at the world of digital and have a couple of questions.

1, On a DSLR such as the Canon D60 does the view finder show the actual coverage of the lens in relation to the 1.6 multiplier needed to work out the focal length or does it show the same image as it would be if it was a 35mm camera.

2, Has anyone heard if any of the manufactures are going to be coming out with a specifically designed DSLR with interchangeable lenses, instead of taking a 35mm brother (or sister) camera and fitting a digital imaging system in to it.

The reason I ask this, is I have just worked out that to purchase a Canon D60 and Sigma Lenses (Canon lenses would be even more) and a couple of accessories such as larger CF cards would cost in the region of $6000 CAD. Way too much for my budget.
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Default Some Answers...

The mirror and viewfinders on these cameras are designed to show you exactly what the sensor "sees". The accuracy is about identical to 35mm film cameras at somewhere between 98 to 100 percent. So in short, what you see is what you get.

Unlikely that we will see any lens systems specifically designed for digicams with various "crop factors". The actual bodies of newer digicams such as the EOS-D30/D60, 1D - Nikon D100, D1, D1H, D1X, etc., are designed as digital from the ground up. Only the older Kodak series of DCS cameras such as the DCS-460 - 560/660, etc., were built largely around existing camera bodies such as the F5.

You could get a pretty good used D30 body for around $1300 U.S. Media costs will be a wash regardless of what or when you jump in. Other peripherals such as lenses, flashguns, filters, etc., are shared with 35mm film cameras so the only real differences are the camera bodies themselves. In a couple years, you will likely see a six megapixel removable lens SLR for around $1400. They are unlikely to drop much below that point because some differentiation must be maintained between consumer and prosumer products. As long as people will pay $800-1000 for a consumer camera, you are unlikely to see a prosumer model like the D30/D60/D100/F2 for much the same price..

Best regards,

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Thanks for the help.

I didn't realize that these new bread of DSLR’s are designed from the ground up as digital.

After thinking about it, I suppose the cost wouldn’t be cheaper either due to market penetration. There are probably many, many photographers out there that have Nikon and Canon lenses already. So for a completely new format specifically for digital, the market would probably be quite small. If a DSLR’s were designed specifically for digital, then the size would be smaller and to design a complete range of lenses for that camera would probably be cost prohibitive for the market they would be looking at.

I seem to remember Pentax trying it many years ago when 110 size film was in vogue. Mined you the quality wasn’t there either.

Maybe I will go back and take another look at the Minolta DiMAGE 7i.
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Default Minage????

Think about, I did. Yes the cam is pricey....BUT, the cost of film, proccesing, and time?? I shoot till I drop. I deleate the crap. I save the one great shot. I print a beautifull 8/10. No film cost, no proccesing cost, in a year I have made up the difference. I reveiw each shot as I take it and correct, (learning tool) The expense is great. The pay off, 10 fold!
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