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Default Which is better for DV editing, Stand-Alone or Camcorder...

I want to use the DV tape format to archive my stuff. I will be using mostly analog source medias and editing them digitally. Is DV tape a lossless medium, therefore a good inexpensive archive choice? Otherwise, I would have to use a mountain of hard drives.

Which costs less... a DV camcorder or a DV tape recorder...?
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1- no magnetic based media is truely archival. both tapes or HDs. you need a media that is literally unaffected by enviornment. any magnetic media can be destroyed relatively easy. heat, another magnetic source, a head crash. tape stretch and breakage. both of these are fragile media. you need to look into the look into disk based systems that write once for the archive(dvd-r for hi density archive). these also have there own set of issues but will outlast other media by many years without losses.

what types of analog media are we speaking of?

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I think a dv camcorder is cheaper-- but you have to get one with a firewire input so watch the cheap models that don't have them. (firewire is usually the only input jack on a dv camcorder-- the rest are output only.) A firewire card can be had for $50.

There are a couple of miniDV editing decks out there (jvc HR something), but it seems like they were between $800-1200 last time I looked.

I got rid of all my miniDV stuff about a year ago when I realized I'm too lazy to edit video for my own amusement and could sell what I collected on ebay and buy a nice digital camera with cash from the procedes. So I've been out of the loop for a bit,.
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I think even the cheapest DV camcorders have firewir but they often lack analog inputs. I have a $300 Panasonic DV camcorder that has better quality than my old Sony Hi8 and I can make lossless dubs to my PC via firewire. A full video stream is about 100mb per minute but I can edit and shoot back to tape with no generation losses as with analog. I can then play the tap on the camcorder to record to an analog source. The sticky is that I can't record an analog source to DV tape as I could with a more expensive camcorder. I think Canon makes one with analog input capability.

FWIW I was able to do full editing of DV with my cheap Panasonic and an Adaptec edit kit that cost less than $100. It has a firewire board and MGI videowave software. I think Windows XP has editing built in but haven't tried it yet.

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Default RePLy

Thanx for the replies, I'm leaning towards using a firewire based Dazzle Breakout Box. It consists of an array of IO's such as various analog and digital connectivity. It will do all the DV crunching for me with/without a computer.

I will probally seek a used DV cam for the purpose of cost of effectiveness. It's the play/record funtionality DV media at a bargain that I'm looking for. Standalones are nice but significantly more in price.

As for the archive issue, a DVD method is significantly more limited by capacity when using raw formats or even DV. For example, 1hr of DV can be lossless transfered to a single DV media cassette tape. As for DVD would require multiple discs. I understand that DVD has a 20G capacity despite the consumer based 4.7G limits at current,

Although, I agree that DVD is by far a Failsafe Alternative.

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