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Hyoctane Sep 3, 2004 2:35 PM

I am wanting to make some money doing action shots of speedskaters at meets. Would it be possible to do with a high megapixel(6-8mp digicam and see if I could make some money at it and then buy a dSLR or is should I just buy a dSLR right off the bat.

Kind of have to hurry as meets start soon, so I can't really save up any longer.


DBB Sep 3, 2004 3:06 PM

Yes, it CAN be done, but you're really giving yourself a handicap. Non SLR digital cameras have a delay that you MUST compensate for.

It takes some getting used to.

On the other hand if you've never done serious photography before, you're handicaped to begin with.

Why not consider it this way, purchase a GOOD non SLR camera, which should set you back about $700 and then decide if this is the career you want? If it works out, then that would make a fine back-up camera. They will do the job although with more difficulty.

Of course the cheaper Canon or Nikon cameras are NOT that much more, although you have to buy lenses. The cheap SLR cameras are actually fine machines...


Mealers Sep 3, 2004 3:18 PM

I had a Fuji 602 and i really struggled with the time delay for shooting surfing. Theres nothing worse than missing that 1 off shot especially when it comes to shots which could make money for you.
I've now got a 300d and it works great for sports. As DBB said though you have to consider the extra cost of buying good glass.

JimC Sep 5, 2004 8:07 AM

If you're talking inside, I think you'll be wasting your money on a non-DSLR model. You won't be able to get the shutter speeds fast enough due to ISO speed limitations of the non-DSLR models (not to mention that noise levels will be much higher).

You willwant a DSLR with very bright lenses.

Timeless-161 Sep 6, 2004 8:30 AM

I agree with JimC. I tried my new D70 in a sports situation at the weekend. Really great camera but it was a road cycling event and at full zoom (200mm lens and so 300mm at 35mm equivalence) the shutter speeds were too slow to really freeze the action (these guys were flying!!) - and it was a sunny day outside!!

as a result, i had to use higher ISO - not a problem with the D70 but would be a problem with an 8mp prosumer model due to increased noise.

if i was doing lots of sports photography, this weekend convinced me of the value of faster glass (my lens has a widest aparture of only 5.6 at full zoom).

no problem with shutter lag on the D70.

this all points towards the SLR.

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