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I was looking through some old "Modern Photography" magazines from 1986 (I kept a few copies which had articles on my Minolta Maxxum 7000) and ran across an article on new prototype "Still Video" cameras from Fuji, Nikon, Minolta and Konica. These cameras had 250k to 300k pixels and used 2/3 inch CCD sensors. Recording media was a 2" floppy disk. The Minolta was actually a "Still Video" back for the Maxxum 7000 and 9000. No prices were quoted but I'll bet they were astronomical. Panasonic was showing a point and shoot camera with 300kp and hoped to market a full system (camera. playback unit and printer) in two years or so for under $1,300. (A bunch ofMONEY in 2004 dollars!)

Most were rated at 50-frame field recording mode and 25-exposure frame recording mode. Does anyone know what that meant?

Does anyone know if Minolta actually sold a "still video" back for the 7000 / 9000?

The article mentioned it would be quite some time before"still video" pictures equaled filmsince 35mm Kodacolor film has the equivalent of20mp.

Alot of progress has been made in this area since 1986. I've very pleased with the quality of picturesI get with my 3.2mp camera. It appears we really don't need 20mp.

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"MINOLTA SB-70S and SB-90S - 1987. A still video camera system was devised by developing Interchangeable digital backs for the Minolta Maxxum 7000 and 9000 35mm film cameras. The cameras used the A-bayonet of the Minolta AF objectives as well as the system accessories usual for the cameras of the AF series. They used a 20mm lens and had a 2/3-inch 640 x 480 pixel CCD."
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Puck M wrote:
These cameras had 250k to 300k pixels and used¬* 2/3 inch CCD sensors.¬*¬* Recording media was a 2" floppy disk.¬*

Most were rated at 50-frame field recording mode and 25-exposure frame recording mode.¬* Does anyone know what that meant?
Oh ya, I used one of those (I did a lot of computer graphics and video capture in those days on the Amiga by Commodore; long before multimedia became a PC term). The camera I used was the Canon Xapshot. Again it used the 2" floppy disk which was recorded in an analog video format (similar signal to what a vcr uses).

The signal coming out of these cameras was not digital, it was actually a video signal (the same type like your vcr inputs take in the video socket). The field/frame question has to do with the way a TV works...in North America your TV operates on 30 frames a second (acutally 29.97 but K.I.S.S), and each frame is made up of two fields which are interlaced, so it's 60 fields a second. With these cameras you can either capture an entire frame of video (interlaced), or one field (half the resolution). A lot had to do with what you were using the picture for...just like today you may choose a lower resolution on your digital if you are just shooting for a website, or you want to get more pictures on a card.

As for getting the pictures into a computer, you needed a device called a "video digitizer". Again, forget the PC in those days...it was a business computer that could only show 4 colours and go "BEEP", and forget the Mac to as it was only black and white. The Amiga was THE FIRST multimeda computer that could do all that with 4096 colours, stereo sound, full multitasking, etc.

Canon Xapshot/Qpic RC-250

Amiga 1000

DigiView video digitizer
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