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Default Canon G2 or Fuji 602Z ? please help

i am interested in the difference of pictures taken by both of these cameras.
Also is the Fuji as quick as the Canon in use with the microdrive? How long does it take to save a movie to the microdrive?
The Canon is really quick for what i know.
Please help me to make a decision which one to buy
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Fuji 602 as quick as G2 you got to be kidding. The fuji is much faster than the G2. Go to http://www.imaging-resource.com
were he has shutter lag times for both cameras. All sorts of times recorded for both cameras (focus lock times, time to next picture just about every time you can think of). The 602 is one of the fastest cameras in a prosumer models you will find.

I dont think the G2 and the 602 are really comparable as there so differnt in design. Much more zoom with 602 lots and lots of features (5 FPS, final 5, movies that are decent, all sorts of settings.) When i was comparing the 602 against other cameras i was comparing it to the Minolta 7i, which is a similar type camera but the G2 really isnt. Am not saying the G2 is bad,, its a great camera just much differnt type of camera.
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I agree with dc9mm, I suppose speed depends on what res. settings you use as well. I use 3.2 Mpix fine on my 602, as higher settings don't give better pics - just take longer.

Movie mode in the cam must mean it has a largish buffer which gives it its 'virtual speed' But processing speed for movie and multi-shot mode must be high as well. Comparing the fine detail of which pic from which cam looks better is not the only factor.

Which cam feels good to use and gives you the best control for what you want to do over the widest range of shooting situations? I'd go for flexibility and ease of use with consistent results every time!
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Thank you very much, i think i made a decision. I go for the Fuji 602 Zoom, i own a Casio 3000 EX /IR which made very good pictures but i could not use a external flash with it and if i took a movie it just took ~3 minutes before i was able to take the following one.
Hope the Fuji 602Z will make fotos like the Casio and will serve me better.

Many thanks
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