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Default Smaller Sensor = Smaller Lens

I am still learning the Digicam Technology so excuse my ignorance but I have an observation to make.

Digicams use a much smaller sensor (1/4 size and shrinking) than 35 mm film which allows the development of smaller, lighter, brighter lenses as evidenced by the new Panasonic FZ1 which has an image stabilized 12 x optical (35mm to 420 mm F2.8 throughout), (see http://www.letsgodigital.nl/webpages...ic/FZ1_uk.html).

Nevertheless, I have seen many people bemoan the lack of affordable '35mmm' Digicams that use exisiting 35 mm Lenses. Isnt that a bit like complaining that your CD player no longer plays Vinyl LP's? Will we soon see a new range of digicams that accept interchangeable lenses that are far smaller and brighter than is possible with 35 mm? (If you have ever used a pair of Pocket Zeiss Binoculars you will recognize just how small a world class 400mm+ lens can be). Why are there none? Or will the all inclusive 12 X zoom eliminate the need for interchangeable lenses?

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as to 12x lenses. remember the higher the mag factor the higher the shake factor. image stabilization is going to help, not eliminate the situation. since these are light weight cameras the shake transmits to them easier. you'll also note the leave off the wide end of the focal length spectrum. its harder to mage a good wide angle then to make a good long lens. and i'm sorry and on lenses are les then adequate. in the wide range. all they end up doing is ruining good glass.

also note the fact that most of these cameras require you to jump thru hoops to use them manuallyor other functions except for a choice few. hold this button and spin this dial hit this rocker switch. the layout on most 35mm type cameras is rather erogonomic compared to digicams. it came from 40+ years of complaints and now we have to start over again? i still prefer the feel of a full size slr type body. my digicam is close but still requires some rat maze mentality to get to some items. i hate to admit it but i actually carry the camera guide book with me for it to clear thing up a little. at least it has a (P)anic button for reset to default in case you manage to gag the camera into taking some real ugly images.

i guess i just expect more from "HIGH" Tech. it should be simpler to do the same thing.
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Default Smaller lenses

Isn't that what all the hoopla behind the 4/3 system all about:

o Smaller than APS (18mmx13.5mm)
o 1/2 the lens size
o Bayonet mount
o Electronic handshaking with body

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