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Default Shooting Macros Outdoors in Wind

I'd like to minimize wind effects when shooting macro subjects, such as plant life, outdoors with tripod.

Any tips, techniques, etc will be much appreciated. Many thanks.

M i k e
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First of all, the higher the shutterspeed the greater the likelihood of stopping the motion. Second, the greater the depth of field, the greater the chance of a sharp subject. Using flash lets you use higher shutterspeeds and smaller apertures. Otherwise, crank the ISO to the highest you can, and use post processing to get rid of the noise.

There is a device called a "plamp," which is marketed either by Kirk or Wimberley. It is a long gooseneck with a clamp at one end for you tripod leg or a handy branch of a tree or heavy stem of a plant, etc.

The other end is a green clamp that clips onto the stem of your flower and holds it still. Many outdoors photographers have found the Plamp useful.

Also, it is sometimes possible to block the wind with a coat, or a reflector, etc if you have an assistant.

Can't think of anything else...
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