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Default best cam?

whats the best camera that i can get for about $500 and why is it so good?
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the Canon G2,
Minolta DiMage 7,

the comparisons / features you will find elsewhere on this forum
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Also check out the Olympus C-4000. Steve's review of it is quite positive, though a little more reserved than some others. It's a fine camera, and quite a bit less expensive than others with similar features and quality. Besides Steve's very handy reviews there are lots of others to compare with listed here:

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Being an Olympus person, I recommend the Olympus C4040 or the Olympus C4000. They both can be purchased for less than $500 on the web. Go to www.dealtime.com or www.pricescan.com for prices and vendor reviews. Both cameras are 4.1 megapixel, have both point and shoot or manual controls. They can have additional lens and filters attached. They produce great pics. The other cameras mentioned are great cameras also, but I am an Olympus fan. Read Steve's reviews and look at the sample pics.
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Default Fujifilm S602 Zoom


Take a look at the Fujifilm S602Zoom. Every review I've read puts it at the top of the heap for the price, and if you're willing to spend a shade more it's doable for you. I found it on the web for $590 and I've found it to be more than adequate. It's fast and comes with all the features you'll need, with a 6x *optical* zoom (35mm-210mm equiv) and interpolated 6 megapixel quality. It's a large, light-gathering lens with shutter speeds ranging from 15" to 1/10,000th and f-stops from f2.8 to f11 (remember, the actual focal distances on digital cameras are actually much shorter than the 35mm-210mm equivalent listings, so f11 is actually more like f32 and f2.8 gives a DOF roughly equivalent to f3.6 on a film camera.

Don't confuse it with the S602 Pro, that one's way out of your price range and looks pretty much the same.

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