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Default ::: Gloss Laminators for inkjet photos? :::

I currently have a Canon S600 and was wondering if anybody knew of any low cost laminators that can coat the photo prints with high gloss lamination? Any particular brand that is well known and easy to get refills for (maybe at Office Depot or the such)? Prints range in size... 4"x6", 8"x10" (prob max), etc.

thanx in advance!!!!

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Default Laninators

I am also an artist and have been laminating my prints for years. Most of the work was done using a good grade of white print paper and then laminating. This was cheaper on a per print bases than glossy photo paper. The 8x10 prints were then used to as referance for art work. I have many of these prints in my file.

I am now into making large digital copies of my pastel paintings and laminating some of these at 13x19. The copy work has been difficult.

Almost any hot laminator will do the job but I do not like using the ones that require a carrier. Check out the internet on models as there are some that will laminate thick materials and could function as mounting equipment as well. My e-mail is [email protected] and I am always glad to hear from othe artist.
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I print sometimes 8x10 on Epson printer with Epson glossy paper , then make laminate at store . It was all mat finish, I didn't know we can make glossy laminate
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Default ?

Which kind of laminator do you use? and where can u get the lam from? thanx!

ps... i don't like the "pouch" type systems at all either. I am used to using a DesignJet 5000 60" digital printer and laminating the prints with a professional wide-format laminator...but there has to be small low cost systems for desktop printers.

hopefully there is maybe a "wet" type laminating system that could ideally be integrated into desktop inkjet printers. after it prints, itcould pass it back through and inkjet a clear coat. those small dye-sub photos are something like that...but they use Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and CLEAR protective films that are on a roll and dry....and then heat transferred to paper.

or better yet, desktop Solvent based inks that require NO lamination...but high in fumes, etc.
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