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Default What type of printer should i buy? Any Suggestions Please

I just bought a new Olympus 730 digitial camera and now i need a real nice printer. My wife is extreamly excited about the camera an i know she is going to be taking photos left and right. What i am looking for is a really nice quality printer that prints nice 4x6 pictures. Is the HP 7350 any good or should i be looking for something else. I like the idea of just being able to insert the smart card into the printer and go, but yet i want real nice quality. Please help. thanks marc
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Default stay away from HPs!

do some research on them first if u want a HP! ink costs will drive u up the wall. look at ink cart capacity size. check out www.printcountry.com for low cost ink alternatives. HP have less than half the capacity of Canons and also are double the price! (if u don;t see anything wrong with this picture..your not alone...lots of HP users don;t either!) the biggest important factor is that u replace each color as it runs out...not the whole TRI-COLOR HP unit...and u still have 2 other full ink chambers. (all depends on what type of printing u do...some pics may use mostly magenta...some magenta and cyan...all depends).

I would get a Canon! check out the s830d for 6 color (CMYKcm)standalone printing (prints from memory cards and cams). the s530d is cheaper and uses 4 color (CMYK)..and therefore even cheaper running cost. the extra 2 colors (cm=light cyan and light magenta) increase color gamut slightly and provide better gradiants and skin tones. which is obviously better.

EPSONS are great also....smallest dot size....but slower than canons... (the EPSON c80 is fast though!). canon ink is still cheaper though. the C80 uses Durabrite inks which really aren;t brite at all when compared to Canon inks. Durabrite are waterproof inks and have a smaller color gamut...thats the waterproof tradeoff. great fast printer for plain paper waterprroof printing tho.

if u got the cash...get a Canon 9000! does huge size printing...which is great for your digital photos!

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Default Tryin' to start a fight?

There are a lot of great printers out there... people seem to have strong opinions on printers. I like Epsons, while others hate 'em. Remember that it costs a lot more over the life of the printer than the original cost of the printer.

Take a look at printer reviews here and elsewhere on the Web.
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I use the HP5550 which is the same printer engine as the 7350. The difference is you can not direct print from the media. I agree that HP cartridges can be more expensive than other printers. The print quality of the 7350 is excellent. I defeat the by refilling my own ink cartridges. This link can provide you insight to refilling the HP cartridge: http://www.oddparts.com/ink/toner.htm
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Hav you looked at this review? http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,4149,633934,00.asp They review a number of photo printers with some idea of costs; also pros and cons of third party ink use.
For Christmas I will give myself a Canon S820 (not the S820D!) With a rebate it is now under $200. Steve seems to love it. It is fast, good software and six color.
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My wife is extreamly excited about the camera an i know she is going to be taking photos left and right.
If you are going make a lot of 4x6" prints, I'd suggest cutting them to CD and taking them to Wal-Mart/CostCo/Sams/Ben&Jerry's/.... or whoever else in your area prints from digital. You will be hard pressed to match something like US$0.30/print just in terms of paper and ink. And that doesn't count the cost of the paper and ink used learning how to use the printer. Plus the cost of the printer itself.

It seems all printers that produce good photo quality prints at a reasonable price are slow. They will give you a really good understanding of the meaning of eternity. Just fine for the occasional large print you want to spend a bunch of time adjusting just right, but will drive you nuts getting 3 copies each of the best 47 prints from the Halloween party.
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Default Prints at Wal-Mart are cheaper, the Epson C80 is fast...

Bill's right about cost! The cost of photo paper and ink cartridges will surpass the cost of your printer after just a couple of refills.

I am very satisfied with my Epson C80 printer. It's got separate color ink cartridges, the ink is advertised to last 70 years, and it's FAST! Full page glossy photos can be printed in 3/6/and 13 minutes for 720/1440/2880 dpi. Black text is 15ppm, and printing a full page color picture on plain paper takes about a minute.
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I will double ditto Bill remarks about printing 4x6's commerically. WM does a decent job. I don't pay for those unaccaptable and then print those at home. I print all my enlargements at home, but
$.29 per 4x6 copy, I don't think there's a consumer grade printer out there that you can print that cheaply and that fast at home.

Gibsonpd3620, I also have an HP5550 which I'm really happy with. Are you buying your ink from the site you listed. Are you happy with the ink quality?

Thanks ar
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