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To answer the original question. Yes, these higher ISO speed settings are used with smaller digital cameras, in order to get faster shutter speeds in some conditions.

If you find the noise objectionable when you need to increase ISO speed to help prevent motion blur, there are some good tools to reduce it.

Noiseware (and they havea very good free edition) is at http://www.imagenomic.com

Neatimage is very popular tool at http://www.neatimage.com

Noise Ninja is also popular at http://www.picturecode.com

But, make sure you are using camera settings that allow for the fastest shutter speeds before you increase ISO speed (if you need faster shutter speeds).

For example, you can shoot in Aperture Priority (Av) mode, selecting alarger available aperture (represented bysmaller f/stop numbers), and the camera will use the fastest shutter speed possible for the lighting conditions, aperture and ISO speed selected.

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iso settings and other areas of quality should always be captured at a maximum...

Even "way back" in the film days...you could always manipulate an image after the fact--but you can never put more quality back into an image. Start with the finest original you can.
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