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Default HELP NEEDED Using Digi as a Low Vision Device

My son has a visual problem which makes it diificult for him to seem the blackboard etc. Currently he uses a small monoscope but this is awkward going back and forth from scope to notes. Now in college he is using a laptop regularly. So thinks I, why not use it to view the board. A webcam seems useless for viewing text at a distance, but thinks I, why not use a zoom digi. I have been looking here and at websites, especially Fuji and Kodak, but it is hard to get specific information. What I am thinking of is not a movie mode, but where the camera would show the scene on the laptop screen when called for. Desireable traits would seem to be ease of use, inconspicuous and cheap; drawing power from the USB also seems desireable.
Any and all thoughts and suggestions greatfully accepted.
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I remember that Canon digicam allow , via an USB connection, to "see" what the cam see and will capture. It's not just a video low res output (like in my D7i) , but a real hi res of the pic. Also they ( Canon digicam) have many other remote function as well.
If it is exactly what you are looking for, friends here will point you to the pertinent threads, and give you more infos since I don't know about Canon products.
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The olympus c-2100 camera has 2 functions that might be useful for this. A blackboard and whiteboard feature, They will only show black or white, no gray scale. It also has 10x optical zoom, so he can capture the blackboard, overhead, or whiteboard as the teacher adds to it. Some of the other olympus cameras have this feature as well.
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There will be several problems to overcome. I don't think any digicam solution will be inconspicuous. And you're probably going to need a tripod to do the job right. That's if you're talking about a continuous display as a teacher writes, etc. You might actually get better results with a small video camera. They are generally designed with higher zoom and better low-light capabilities. Put a TV card in the laptop and go for it.

If you're talking about taking individual photos of the board and then bringing them onscreen as reference, any digital camera with adequate zoom and ISO would work. Snap a photo, download it, and display it.

Post your question at:

I think Phil's site gets more (and different) traffic than here.
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Thak you for your replies.
Kcal I actually own a Cano nA40 and will test it out.
Midacl. I think that digi is too much but will check out other Olympuses/
Jim Hunt thanks for your thoughtful reply. I did like the Kodak because it seems to have a stable dock, but will check to see about putting a video card into a laptop. Will certainly follow up at Phil's site

Certainly would welcome more help
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I don't mean to be rude, but this whole thing seems rather off the point to me. If your son has a handicap, it's up to the college to accomodate him, not the other way around. What are you paying tuition for, anyway?

Tell him to speak with his profs and explain his situation, and they should be more than happy to take care of it. If they refuse he can take it up with the school administrators to find a solution, and then invoke the Americans with Disabilities Act, the school newspapers, the local and national press (in ascending order). I suspect they won't refuse, though.

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