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Default Size cpabilities of Fuji s602z vs Dimage 7hi


I am debating the purchase of either the above dc's and basically as the Fuji s602z fulfills my needs and is a lot cheaper I was looking to go for that. I am concerned that I will not be able to blow its pictures up to a decent size.

Could someone please tell me how large you can enlarge both its 6mp and 3 mp shots up to without losing image quality.


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You should be able to print 8x10s with no trouble, and larger depending on how you get them printed.
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The human eye can only resolve about 80 dpi. At the highest (and second highest) quality level on the S602 (6MP High and 6MP Fine), recorded images are roughly 40" x 30" at 72 dpi. If you need to go bigger than this, there are tutorials on the web that tell you how to sandwich multiple shots of the same image to increase resolution, or take several zoomed in shots and stitch them together for a more dramatic increase.

Alternatively, you can look at the Fujifilm S2 Pro, which gives slightly more options and higher res images.

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Default How big a print

Well i wouldnt go so far as saying you can print a 30 by 40 inch picture with the 602. The biggest i have had done by a professional shop with my 602 so far is a 11 by 14 inch. I took it using a 6 mega pixel tiff which I then converted to a jpg because they didnt except tiffs, only jpg. I used Photo Shop 7, i also sharpened the photo, ran auto levels. I think about a 11 by 14 is as big as you can go for a good quality picture, i have heard others say they have printed 12 by 18 on the Canon S9000 printers but they were portraits so they were close up type shots were mine shot was more of a landscape type. But i have had great success using Panaroma Factory, using a tripod and rotating the camera 90 degress so the horizontal is now the verticle and combining two 6 mega pixel shots into one 10.5 mega pixel shot. looks very good and cant see the stitch but havent had a 12 by 18 printed yet as i have to have it done as i can only print 8.5 by 11 inchers with my current Epson 780. So to answer your question in my opinion the largest you can go is 11 by 14 inch but maybe close up type shots you can get a decent 12 by 18 i guess, dont no for sure yet.

I should ad at 11 by 14 the quality wasnt razor sharp like a 8.5 by 11 inch pictures that i print on a regualr basis from the 602 are. Thats why i think 11 by 14 is as big as you can go. By the way i get the best 8.5 by 11 prints using 3 mega pixel fine setting. Using a Epson 780 photo printer on Epson Glossy photo paper at 1440 dpi as i cant see any improvement at the higher 2880 dpi setting. I edit all my photos with Photo shop 7 and print with Qimage Pro software.
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