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Default Photo numbering

At work we have started to give field staff digital cameras and they then take the pictures and upload them to a PC where they are incorporated into reports. The problem I have is that each shot is given a file name that means nothing to me and is not neccessarily unigue. If I have 9 people using the same PC or server I soon get into situation of many folders, officers manually associating photos to pages in a report etc. What I really want to do is have the picture named with a common job number followed by a sequential number. So if this were case 950432 the first would be 950432-1, the next 950432-2 etc. For this I assume we would need some kind of data back? Is it possible? Can you recommend a manufacturer?
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What wrong with just selecting the picture and renaming it to whatever you want? Why would you need a data back?

Some software that come free with the camera would also let you do this, actually DIVU for Minolta let you rename pictures sequentially when you save from a base name or number... but plenty of other free downloadable S/W let you do that as well!
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You can also do it in software. I use the P.I.E. program to rename image files. This is very handy when a camera doesn't keep sequential numbers when the memory card is replaced. PIE can rename based on the file date or any template or sequence you want, it's quite easy.


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Default DOS

You could use the DOS RENAME command, e.g., in the directory containing photos done by Sue just run:
In the directory containing those done by Fred:

That will stick the the employee's name at the front of the file name without changing the date/time so you should be able to locate what you want on the basis of the employee's name, date, and time.
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I don't know what operating system you are using, but Windows XP has a really slick Wizard that pops up when a memory card is inserted into the card reader.

It asks what the subject is about, and then how you want to save these items. Then, regardless of the numbering system of the photos on the card, when the pictures are copied to the hard drive, they are numbered sequentially with the prefix you selected (e.g., Baseball 01, Baseball 03, etc.).
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