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Default "AVATAR" Explained

Can any body explain me the exact meaning of "AVATAR"


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:lol: Your 'avator' is basically an 'icon' or image that you choose to represent your personality...in other words, Jesus would have chosen 'a cross', Bill Gates would choose the 'Microsoft logo', etc.
Sites that offer you an 'avatar' usually restrict you to a few choices, which they have already defined. For more examples of 'Avators', go to 'uproar.com' and sign up for their games, they will let you choose from a selection of maybe 8 different images that you want to portray your identity...so, instead of being a nameless, faceless identity on the web, you could be 'Scooby Doo', 'Superman', or whatever choices that particular site gives you.
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According to the Dictionery,
Avatar means;

1. A new embodiment of a familiar idea
2. The manifestation of a Hindu deity (especially Vishnu) in human or superhuman or animal form


I don't understand what does that means here at s-d.com
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OK I get your drift :
Avatar has its roots in India, literally .
but what we use it in forums nowadays is has a twist .

the Avatar of the Millennium came from Korea,
a fast-developing nation from the ashes of war .
now THE fastest domestic Internet connection in the world
and so, battlegrounds for battlenet games .

it started as a deity/character in the game
(I think) Ultima IV or Lineage .

then it caught on to the massive "portal communities"
which R the Korean version of Yahoo Groups .

facing fierce competition to lure in young members
the 2nd generation of these sites offered characters
as each members' virtual identity .
w/ tons of hairstyle, facial expression, clothing, etc ..

now each of these clothing costs money
payable by acknowledging a code sent to the user's cell-phone .
yes, this is used /widely/ in Korea .
and guess who's making tons of money 8)

some trendier English-speaking sites starting using this concept
however just with an image the size of a passport photo,
w/o the clothes & backgrounds .
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