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i don't own any Digicam as of now, but was indirectly advised by a member to attach a Laser pointer with Black Tape to the Nikon 5700, as it hadn't got the AF illuminator built-in.
after checking the reviews i realised that the 7Hi doesn't have the illuminator as well, and imagined that the 7Hi might as well be requiring that Laser Pointer contraption to focus in low light.
However, i am not questioning the ability of Dimage cameras to focus in dim light situations.


To get a laser pointer, black tape, and other weird accessories or add-ons to a $1000 purchase in order to overcome the camera limitation and to stay brand loyal is beyond me!
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The black tape was not meant for AF, I guess you're not familiar with the CP5000/5700 built-in flash that can't be turn off for studio strobe. There're way around it, just like there are tricks one can play with the 1st generation D7 when it first came out to fool the built-in flash. Not all functions on the various external flashes are supported by the Coolpixes as well.

Eventually Nikon will have a fix (they've ignored this problem on the CP5000 as well) for this just as Minolta did. They finally came out with a firmware update with a soft menu to turn off the built-in flash. One can also program the Minolta ones to several different power levels to enable a faster recycling time when the built-in is used to trigger studio slaves.

Trust me we did use some other weird accesories like reflector on the built-in, high-speed shutter, and numerous adapters to overcome the D7 initially. I guess the CP5700 is also going through these same growing teething pain now... unless of course Nikon refuse to acknowledge this problem and not going to fix it. If you like the Nikon and don't use theses features, go ahead and buy it. It's still an excellent camera otherwise, a little expensive may be but if you're happy with it, by no mean.

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