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Default Flash Recycle Time

I want to buy a 2MP camera for my wife. Her requirements are that it have a fast flash recycle time and that it be fairly small. Obviously, I can see the size of the cameras, but where can I find a listing of flash recycle times so I can compare?

Also, any recommendations that meet the criteria?

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the average recycle time on most built in strobes is between 5-7 seconds. the battery of the camera is doing multiple duty so a payment in recycle time is made. your average external strobe has the same time just more power output. an external with a HV power input and appropriate powerpack will recycle between 2.5-4 secs.
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All built in flash units are junk - they have to be small and close to the lens so there is red-eye, glare, hot spots, ... Some are worse than others, the smallest can be expected to be the worse.

Also small cameras are likely to run on small batteries, some on just two AAs or even 2 AAAs. As sjms points out, the recyle time will depend on the amount of power available.

So your wife has asked for something that is physically impossible.
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OK. I guess that answers that. So on to the small, 2MP camera. I'm thinking of the DimageX. Any comments or suggestions?
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Most flash units are based on similar circuitry. If you're looking for fast recycle times then that means larger batts of low internal resistance for a similar light output. So big 'D' cells in say a Metz at reduced output, would probably be a lot quicker than a handbag cam with AA's.

Your best option is to get the most sensitive 2Mp auto cam. Since the pics will need less flash and recharge should be quicker.
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