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Default Newbie in search of answers...

I was wondering how to "exactly" submit to this site for the POTD. On the submission page it says not to size or compress, send original size. When doing that it takes quite awhile to send, dial-up. I have a Canon Pro90 and most of the time when I pull my photos up in PS, it's 72 resolution, unless I shoot in RAW format. My question is do you change your resolution to at least 300 or higher to send it? I compared two of my shots that I sent one with higher resolution and there was a big difference. How much do we change before we send it, besides the Photoshop/software stuff? Can we go as high as 600dpi? Do we keep the pixel size and try to save it as lower quality or the highest quality? Any help would be appreciated, I am used to saving it at 300dpi and 640X480 for the other sites, so this is new to me.
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Default On print resolution versus screen resolution...

Hi Shelley,
Don't try to change the file from the 72 or 180 dpi (depending on your camera) as it comes from your camera. The change in dpi is only relevant for printing purposes because it's going to be displayed at whatever the current settings are for the monitor it's being viewed on. Most commonly this is 72 pixel per inch.

Digital camera images have no inherent "pixels per inch" or "dots per inch" density - they are simply a matrix of so many pixels wide by so many pixels high depending on the individual sensor "resolution" of the camera used.

At print time, pixels are either removed or added (resampled/interpolated) to provide the printer with what it needs to render the best possible image. The pixel density for print purposes depends entirely on the size of the print and the specific requirements of the print device used.

Normal manipulations allowed for submissions to various POTD sites are contrast, brightness, saturation, sharpening, crops and levels/curves as needed. Changes which would normally not be acceptable are cloning (rubber stamping), or altering the photo in such a way that it becomes PhotoShop creation rather than a photo. That is unless you are submitting it in a category which allows such manipulations.

Normally, I would suggest changing an original TIFF capture to a jpg and compressing it sufficiently to allow reasonably fast transfer but not so much that it produces artifacts of compression and detracts from the image quality itself.

Steve can undoubtedly give you more specifics, but these are general principles which more or less apply to all submissions. Some require smaller than normally captured images such as an 800x600 or 640x480, etc., maximum size, but each site has its own requirements. I'm sure Steve would rather not, for example, have an 18 megabyte tiff emailed from a six megapixel capture with a pro-camera. It just wouldn't make good sense....

Best regards,

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Default Websites?

Lin do you have any websites that explain all that?
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Default Here's a few sites which might help...




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