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incognito167 Jan 14, 2005 4:03 PM

Hello All.

I finally bit the bullet and ordered a Canon A95 yesterday, hopefully i should get it in the next few days. I can't wait.

I've never really been into photography until now, because my 35 camera didn't have any manual functions and to be honest i don't have enough money to spend on printing all the photos i would have needed to take. But now, the digital camera offers me an opportunity to learn this art.

I've been absorbing as much as i can about photography, and will really throw myself into it. Once i start getting competent I really want to enter some competitions. I know that this website has the POTD (which i will most definately enter) but what other non-web based comps are there?

Also how does someone go about making some money from photography? I know i am getting a little ahead of myself, but i just want to have an idea. I'm not talking about being a full-time pro (i am a medical student, graduating next year, so it's not like i can be a pro anyway!) but i mean some kind of on-the-side type money making venture, ie selling pics to magazines etc.

At the end of April i'm going to Malaysia, Thailand and Australia for a total of 9 weeks - hopefully i'll be competent enough to start heading towards a more professional type photos and move away from the casual holiday snaps.


eric s Jan 14, 2005 4:58 PM

Something similar to this question has come up recently. Check out this thread:

That might give you some ideas. Ask more questions there (or here.)

Sending stuff to Mag's is very mag dependent. You should find some that you like (go to a big store and look at a rack of them) and then usually say what their submission policy is.


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