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Default Kodak DC-series - and beyond...

I use my Kodak DC210-Zoom a whole heck of a lot - about 25 pictures a day. I am looking to buy a brand-spanking new camera very soon. This is my third Kodak Digital Camera - the others are, I think, 200-210s. I have been surfing the Kodak site to see what is currently on the market, and it looks like the whole DC line is no longer made. I'd really like to stay with the Kodak line - after nearly 5000 pictures, I have had very few problems with the camera (except for those of my own making). I appreciate the ease of use - the zoom ability, the fact that pics come out while moving at 10mph, and the simplicity. So - my questions are:
-Does Kodak still make the DC line or, if I were to move up to the 215, am I limited to the refurbished ones they are pushing right now?
-Are any other Kodak models just as easy to use?
-Should I be broadening my horizons, brand-wise? I originally chose the Kodak 200/210 series because I was sharing the connection cord-thingy with others, and that's what they were using.

I'd appreciate any and all imput.

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The Kodak DC line has been discontinued for close to a year now (in Australia, probably longer in USA). I managed to get my hands on a DC4800 (3.1megapixel, 3x optical, 2x digital zoom, loads of manual controls) in November last year, as an ex-demo unit. It was the only one I could find anywhere. The reason I wanted that model is because I had been after it for ages, and I noticed that the Kodak DX series (the new Kodak series) seems to have gone down hill from the DC series. Particularly at the top end, where a DX3900 came out to replace the DC4800, both has 3.1mp, but the DX3900 has 2x optical and 3x digital zoom. I get the impression that Kodak have gone down hill a bit, maybe aiming lower (not trying to compete with the likes of Canon and Nikon so much). I really love my Kodak, but I would be unlikely to go back to Kodak for a new camera.

I guess it comes down to your uses as well, maybe the lower end Kodak (DX3215 1mp model) is cheaper, and still has optical zoom. Maybe at the lower end of market they are quite competitive. Personally right now for real wizbang, I would be looking for a Canon G2, or Minolta DiMage i7.. wish I had the cash!

Hope my comments have come in handy.

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