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Yeah, I heard M$ was going to implement USB support in NT4, but then they just gave up on the OS, offering instead a patch called Windows 2000 :lol:

Man, I remember the days os serial transfers from my father's old Toshiba 2mp camera... it would take literally hours to transfer a full 32MB card depending on the computer I connected it to And the Flashpath... nooooooooooo..... let's not get into that nightmare, I'm glad I don't use it anymore
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well, if NT doesn't support USB, even with the latest service pack, you should be able to get a PCMCIA slot/reader. Then, just get the proper reader/adapter for the media type you have. That might do the trick.


Found this with Google.


and this


Seond one looks like a winner. it goes in a drive bay, and is accessible from the front.

I'll just add this... Stay away from xd cards if you can. They are very new, and you *might* have trouble finding a PCMICA adapter. If you go with CF, the PCMCIA adapters are cheap. Its becasue CF was based on PCMCIA, and the adapter is just that. It doesn't need any "smarts"
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