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how's this: what pushed me over the edge into digital was the weight of all my film gear at my side. He,He,He :twisted:
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These points may have already been mentioned by others above but the things that got me into digital photography were:
  • I am a big 'gadget nut' anyway, so a digicam just started off as a toy for me.
  • I love how instant the process is. There is no waiting for processing.
  • I rarely print my photos, so I save lots of money over a 35mm camera's developing costs.
  • If I want to share my photos I can put them all on a CD or on the web for practically no money at all.
  • I don't have to worry about wasting film or processing costs on unwanted photos. This means that I can take any particular photo a number of times and just use the best one of the bunch.
  • My photos are always on my computer ready for touching up and editing without me having to spend hours scanning them in. This is especially useful for the photos I plan to go on my web site.
  • I like the privacy of digital photography. I really don't want strangers in the developing centers, looking over my stuff.
Obviously there are a few negatives, like the annoyance of changing and recharging batteries all the time, and the cost of the initial camera purchase - but you can't have everything.

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Is this still the original topic? Anyway, ONE-ONE-ONE-ONE thing made me switch to digital-------crappy crapola minilab film processing. I am (humbly) a pretty damn decent photographer, and my slides are pretty damn decent. I also have some pretty damn decent equipment. After years and years and years I got pretty damn tired of seeing my children's box camera prints as good as, or better, than my "images" taken with my pretty damn expensive gear. Plug THAT into your calculations. Minilabs, may you rot and burn in hell. It STILL makes me grit my teeth whenevr I think of all the color negative film I wasted over the years. Forget bracketing. Forget creativity. Forget off-center subject flash pictures. I can turn out a box full of beautiful slides, but color negative? Lucky if I got one good print. Not one good PHOTOGRAPH, mind you, one good PRINT. OK, I'm through.
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8) Right on, Skiola. That was the main reason I switched, except I usually wasn't using minilabs. I was using Kodak. I can scan the same negatives and very often come out with better looking pictures. The results from the lab were almost random, from gorgeous to hideous. That really got me down.

If you 10,000 pictures, what are you going to do with them? Unless you're incredibly organized (i.e. pro), it's too hard to find pictures you want to see again, let alone the negatives if you want to make another print or an enlargement. It sure is nice to load them on CD's or DVD's and file them away. Moreover, many of the thousands I have trashed over the years could have been nice pictures comliments of PS.

It is true, as some have said, that digital can be cheaper. But for many, like me, we end up buying a lot more equipment and upgrading more than we would really have to. That's why, in practice, digital is often more expensive.
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Hi Folks-

1. The arrival of 2+mp cameras. My first was the Nikon CP700.
2. The first pic costs you hundres of $$$, but then pics ar free!
3. Scanning sucks.
4. No fiilm, developing, wainting for prints.
5. If you see something pic worthy, tak 10, or 20 or a 100!
6. Instant feedback.

Do I really want to get out a slide projector and screen???? Pretty Jetsonian.

Since my first digicam I'v taken some 20,000 pics. I never would have done that with film.

And a host of other reasons. Now... if fast, noise free CCD's just were not so expensive! But it will come.

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