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Default Steve: How about tripod and head reviews in 2003?

I know you have your hands full (literally) with camera reviews. But tripods and heads are items that newbies buy reluctantly, and usually end up learning the hard (read: expensive) way. That's how I started, and at each step of the way I got feedback from forum readers, but there were no real, rigorous reviews.

Questions of stability, ease of operation, build, relative freedom from vibration, versatility, etc are no more or less subjective than camera qualities, and could be quantified (a scale of 1-5, for example) with a comment from the reviewer where appropriate. In fact, if you start such a series of reviews, we could have readers' polls using the same rating scales.

Since some of the tripods and heads add up to a cost equal to or greater than consumer and even prosumer digicams, and even a decent entry level setup that is fairly stable runs around $100 or more, I think this would provide a real service to everybody here from tyros to pros.

If you are dubious of the importance of this, why not do a poll?

Happy New Year, Steve, and thank you for a wonderful website.
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Default I agree

Tripods are a big part of the whole camera effort. One item worth mentioning is that if your camera has a swivel LCD and viewer you could use a shorter and lighter weight tripod. but there are not many to choose from between a table top and full height models?
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I recently began to think the height of a tripod went with the height of the human, after I saw a really tall guy using the tallest tripod I've ever seen! Or do these people buy from special shops - like clothes!
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we have started a discussion about tripods and heads down in the MISC forums a while back. seems to have gone a bit flat. i guess it is due to the lack of any understanding of the importance and versatility they can bring. anyone who wishes to discuss the aspects of the most misunderstood addition to the photographer is welcome to add their info, opinion, 2 cents or what ever. i'm currently working on making another addition to my 3 legged family shortly. i too have made a few errors in purchasing. we all must realize that the tripod is made up of 2 distinct, different, and equally important components- the legs and the head. these would definately bring up lively discussions.
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