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Default Converting slides into digital photos

Here is what I have:

My dad and I want to digitize some slides. I have a scanner for the ones we want to send off for prints. However the other 1000 of them we just want a backup or way to view them without a projector. I thought of setting up a tripod and taking photos of the image projected onto the screen. Has anyone ever tried this before, and if so what were the results? I use a Fuji S602 which has lots of manual controls to get the exposure just right I would think....

Thanks in advance!
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I haven't tried it with a picture projected onto a screen, but I've used my digital camera to take a picture of a 30-year old print.

The print was only 3 1/4 x 4 1/2 inches but I thought the result wasn't bad. I think your idea will probably work quite well - I'd give it a try.

You can see the digital picture at pbase if this link works -

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I have done it with a VHS camcorder many years ago and the results were not too bad. What I had was a slide viewer that went on the lens screw mounted, anyway what you want to do is BACKLIGHT the slide using a white plastic that you can't see through but will pass light, forgot what you call it, than take a digital photo of the slide. Of course you will have to support the camera and the slide holder, make sure the white plastic is between your slide and the light.
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Don't waste your time doing it with a digital camera (tried it with a video camera years ago in a professional context, and the results were GARBAGE). Even scanners with transparancies for slides aren't that great (due to the fact they're meant to scan large areas, they don't have the optical DPI for a slide).

If you're really serious about this, and you have thousands of slides to do get yourself a slide scanner. One such scanner that isn't that expensive is the PrimeFilm scanner with 1800dpi (vs 600 for the regular flatbed scanner)...1800dpi is the equivalent of 4.2mp, and scan speed is 35 seconds a slide.

You can get the Primefilm 1800U at Costco.com (US) for $149 plus there's a $20 rebate till February 28 which means $129.

Note, I haven't tried this one myself, I only do occasional ones so I have an Agfa e50 with a 1200x2400dpi, but if I was doing it a lot I'd get the PrimeFilm or another dedicated one that does slides only.
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Mike_PEAT makes some good points. You have a lot of slides, so the process must be fast and the results worth the effort. Using a cam is last resort as your moving backwards in res./quality. My present Epson scanner comes with a bolt on gizmo claiming 2400dpi - but I've honestly never tried it.

Whatever method you decide, test run a few slides and scale up the project, capturing, titling , saving, and burning images can be time consuming. I'm going through a similar process digitising old records. My preference would be for scanning.

It might be possible to light the top side of the transparency, and scan several slides on A4 at high res. Most scanners are now doing 2400 dpi, which might be good enough for say a 6x4 or equivalent size vga on a pc. But forget projecting the archive to the same size as the original slide. PS I now use an old laptop with big HD as a photo album, and am considering a VGA to TV converter. Great for showing family pics.
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I bought a primefilm 1800U. not the best slide scanner but cheap and does the job. Pretty good results with positives but not too good with negatives - I don't know why either.

I scanned over 2000 and have several hundred to go. I'm pleased with the results as viewing them is now so much easier.
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