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Default AC Adapter for Canon A40?

Does anyone know which Digipower ac adapter is suitable for the Canon A40.

There are two that I see suggested by various websites and I don't know which is the correct one.

Some say the acd-rc (which some website says is 5v, 1.6A).

Other website say acd-mncs (which says 6V, 1.5A). Digipower recommends the mncs for the A10 and A20. However, I'm not sure since the A40 ac port say 4.3V.

Anyone know?
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The'll both equally work in your A40, but I 'll get the 5V one which is closer to what is marked or the camera; However if you plan on getting another camera, (or you already have another appliance) that need 6V then the higher voltage one is more suitable.

The camera internal circuit will regulate the voltage down to whatever it needs.
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I found in early days of digicams (before card readers) alot of camera manufacters did not give all the info you needed to buy generic AC Adaptors. Alot of generic are made so cheap thier output varies. a wrong amp rating can kill a camera, even putting in batteries upside down can damage it. I have found now with a card reader, recharable batteries and a CD burner the AC adaptors from the manufacter are in low demand driveing price up. For picture play back burn a slide on CD using software like easy CD Creator 5.0 platuim, which has Photo Relay with it allowing you to put music to the slide show, playback thru your DVD player onto your TV. Your Camera is to nice to destroy over saving a few bucks on an AC adaptor you my find you really do not need.
Hope this helps some.
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Just to add a bit to the previous responses. I now have a Canon A20 and am looking for an ac adapter. After being confused by various web sites as to which Digipower unit was compatible with the A20 I decided to call them directly. They admitted that their web site, http://www.mizco.com , was in serious need of updating but were very helpful in determining if any of the Digipower models were compatible with my camera. I am in the process of ordering one of their units so I don't have any direct experience yet but they indicated that model ACD-RC is compatible for the Canon A10, A20, A30, and A40. Hope this helps.
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